Part of what makes Paradigm different is our relentless pursuit of Innovation. Through collaboration, transparency and trust Paradigm has redefined the standard for multi-line representatives. By forming committees, Paradigm is fostering collaboration between our member companies and elevating best practices to all levels of our organization. This collaboration creates consistencies within our marketing, client services, and culinary teams all while fostering a similar approach to planning and execution of sales.

In 2023 the Paradigm Marketing Committee achieved notable success. We expanded our Marketing Toolbox, adding 10 new tools proven for all paradigm members to use as a consistent template. Our team launched four innovative marketing campaigns on Paradigm’s social media, highlighting Paradigm’s value to top-tier brands and customers, and shared these stories through social media, broadening our reach.

We also upgraded our email marketing approach, introducing an improved platform for all members. This platform includes easy-to-use templates and clear guidelines, allowing for consistency on marketing campaigns and adherence to our premier manufacturer branding.

One of our proudest moments was unveiling Paradigm Website 2.0. This revamped site is user-friendly, packed with valuable resources, and reflects our ongoing commitment to digital excellence.

These efforts have strengthened our position in the industry, ensuring we continue to serve as a reliable, innovative partner for leading manufacturers. Our focus remains on practical solutions, collaboration, and consistent growth for all member companies.

This year, Paradigm’s Outside Sales Committee has achieved notable success in its mission to cultivate an elite salesforce, central to enhancing sales capabilities within member companies. Emphasizing innovation and collaboration, the committee successfully integrated diverse expertise, creating best practices that significantly elevated individual and collective performances.

The adoption of advanced technologies like the REV Data Management System has revolutionized sales planning, forecasting, and reporting, providing Paradigm’s clients with a competitive edge.

Expanding market coverage across various industry segments, Paradigm has strengthened its service offerings, reinforcing its market position. The dedication of partner companies like Zink Foodservice, E-Source Miller, The Redstone Group, Kain McArthur, KRG and Vader and Landgraf, has been instrumental, showcasing professionalism and responsiveness that ensures efficient and effective service.

As Paradigm continues its focus on fostering a collaborative, competitive environment, it remains poised for ongoing success, committed to delivering unparalleled partner experiences and ensuring team success.

The Paradigm Client Services Committee’s journey through 2023 was a remarkable stride toward operational excellence. Notably, every Client Services team at Paradigm has embraced using quote cases, with an encouraging 57% adopting PO cases for handling incoming orders. Throughout the year, consistent system training provided a valuable platform to share insights on leveraging various case types for a more enriching customer experience.

Collaborating with the REV committee yielded two innovative case types: the spec case and the post-PO case. The spec case aims to streamline spec credit processes across Paradigm territories, cutting down on the typical back-and-forth interactions often faced by manufacturers. Meanwhile, the post-PO case assists the Client Services teams in organizing demos, start-ups, replacement orders, and issue resolutions, allowing for smoother operations. This development empowers us to generate on-demand reports, providing real-time updates on ongoing matters.

In parallel, our concerted effort to align teams along shared lines has strengthened synergy for better manufacturer support. Valuable feedback received during this process has helped standardize purchase order handling and issue resolution across multiple territories. Engagements with manufacturers have proven insightful for both the committee and the frontline customer service units at the factory level.

We’ve also dedicated efforts to refine outdated information in our onboarding manual and revamp common reports for more efficient dashboard usage and reporting. Additionally, we’ve introduced new processes to ensure a consistent and reliable level of customer service across all Paradigm Members.

Looking ahead, the Paradigm Client Services Committee is excited for an even more productive and energizing 2024! Cheers to progress and making things better for everyone involved.

We are excited to announce that the Healthcare & Education Committee met in September for their Vison Building meeting led by Jeff Griffiths. We collaborated over many ideas to bring this committee to life by discussing our goals and visions that we had all experienced in the K-12 & Healthcare markets. After discussing issues and what we want to accomplish, we were able to set some one-year goals that include:

  • Marketing & Information Systems
  • Developing Comprehensive Resources for Healthcare & K-12
  • Specification Expertise
  • Paradigm Internal Support

At the end of October, we had our first L10 meeting where we further expanded on our goals as a Committee. We set action items to include developing a list of local and national events for participation, and a comprehensive directory of K-12 promotions from each factory to be compiled. Some of our other key goals include expanding our reach on Social Media, Newsletters, Who to Call Guides, and Trade Show Synergies. We will be further aligning and setting our Rocks to start first Quarter 2024. We look forward to making a huge impact in 2024!

In 2023, the Paradigm Professional Development Committee focused on providing staff with top resources for professional growth. Accomplishments included developing REV education, soft skill-building, and onboarding programs.

Collaboration with other committees was a major focus of the past year resulting in the creation of over 15 REV Training video courses that were uploaded to the REV Guidance Portal and over 100 staff members were enrolled. The PD Committee also collaborated with the Outside Sales Committee in organizing this year’s Annual Planning Seminar which was attended by outside sales reps from every member company. The seminar was recorded and will act as the basis for highly invaluable training materials for many years to come.

A major achievement for the committee was the completion of a preliminary “blueprint” document outlining the total revamping of the Onboarding Object in REV. With this new outline, onboarding in the REV will be reworked to be more department-specific and with weekly milestones as the focus. New hires will greatly benefit from this streamlined approach and can more easily track their tasks and what they need to learn in the first two months of employment.

Finally, the PD Committee launched a new web series built around enhancing soft skills in the workplace including topics such as Leadership Skills and Time Management which resulted in positive feedback and high viewership on Paradigm USA’s YouTube channel. The Professional Development Committee remains committed to the growth of all Paradigm staff and is excited to expand its project portfolio moving forward into 2024!

This year, the Rev Technology committee took significant steps to boost operational efficiency and streamline processes for our manufacturers.

This approach is part of our automated system designed to ensure a seamless operation for our manufacturers. The key to our strategy is proactive monitoring of purchase orders on hold, complemented by weekly reminders to customers to encourage the release of these purchase orders.

Our efforts to enhance efficiency don’t stop there. We’re currently revamping quote cases, with plans to roll them out by year’s end, and cleaning up page layouts by eliminating unnecessary fields. This makes our system more intuitive and user-friendly. We’re also developing new opportunity types, stages, and automation to refine our sales and management processes further.

Establishing REV communities has provided our manufacturers with round-the-clock access to essential information within the REV, granting them unmatched entry to pipeline data, purchase orders, significant opportunities, and targets for gradual growth.

Achieving consistency in dashboards across all Product Management Committees (PMCs), and expanding our Learning Center with introductory and advanced trainings are other ways we’re improving our service. The adoption of Pardot for marketing automation aligns with our goal to use technology to foster better engagement and operational efficiency.

These initiatives reflect our dedication to operational excellence and customer satisfaction, ensuring that we not only meet but exceed the expectations of our manufacturers and partners.

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